about us

GPIA assists its clients in consulting and operational support of project management.

Project management is present in all sectors of activity and helps control the delivery of a product or service and support change within an organization. It is a practice that has become essential to increase the effectiveness of projects and achieve operational issues time, cost, quality and continuous improvement in performance, sometimes out and meets the expectations of today’s world is constantly changing.

GPia is a product representation company to sell consumer products in GCC countries. We are placing in relation between our clients, consumer product companies operating in a variety of categories and our distribution partners in Middle East.

Our goal is to maximize sales and minimize risk for our clients, while building long-term value for each brand. Our management team based in Paris and in Jeddah has proven expertise in all aspects of international marketing, including sales, logistics and import/export management, regulatory approvals, and product localization.

GPia is proud to represent company in Saudi Arabia through the office at Jeddah under our global network Bagstone in the region.

We try to promote co-operation and friendship between Europe and Middle East by promoting business & trade between them.

We could support your company to expand your business, to introduce you to Middle East projects, to connect you to people and to establish a company.